Britain’s Legendary Runner, Mo Farah, Stormed by Oromian, Ibrahim Jeilan

Britain’s Legendary Runner, Mo Farah, Stormed  by Oromian, Ibrahim Jeilan

Ibrahim Jeilan was born June 12, 1989 (age 28), Bale, Oromia

Here’s a sight you haven’t seen for six years – Mo Farah storming into the lead in the 2011 10k final, and being swallowed up by Ethiopia’s Ibrahim Jeilan. Some last 200m from Jeilan to be fair…

Finland (Iltalehti) –How long can you keep up the pace? The hurl table shows Mo Farah’s capability in a completely new light

Mo Farah, the legend of the endurance race of his position, decides his career at today’s 5000 meters World Cup finals.

Farah’s incredible gold tube began on September 4, 2011, when a man in the Daegu World Cup races on the same route. A week earlier, Farah was already climbing 10,000 meters in the World Championship, but Ethiopia’s Ibrahim Jeila was tens of thousands of meters away. The difference between the two was only 26 hundredths.

After Farewell to Daegu, Farah has been unstoppable on high-end durability missions. The prize pool has accumulated a total of six World Cup and four Olympic gold medals.

Others have tried to beat Somalia in Mogadishu in 1983 with all possible tactics but the result has been the same every time. Last Farah’s chariot was admired a week ago in London’s top ten exciting ten.

Farah’s 34-year-old Farah, who moved to Great Britain in 1993, feels almost unimaginable to the eye of an ordinary fitness athlete. Especially when the line is one of the world’s toughest runners-ups since the year, and especially when the runner-up has ridden the runners with miles a mile.

With ten of London, Farah stuck the last one almost unimaginably for 13.5 seconds.

And it did not have any kind of voyage on Sunday’s jumping: every 100 meters ran in that race for an average of 16.10 seconds.

Below you can see what kind of arousal ME athletes are at.

How long would you have stayed for example Kenenisa Bekele on 10,000 meters ME in 2005?

MEN: Usain Bolt 9,58s
WOMEN: Florence Griffith-Joyner 10.49s

200m (2 x 100m):
MEN: Usain Bolt 9,60s / 100m
WOMEN: Florence Griffith-Joyner 10.67s / 100m

400m (4 x 100m):
MEN: Wayde van Niekerk 10.76s / 100m
WOMEN: Marita Koch 11,90s / 100m

800m (8x100m):
MIEHET: David Rudisha 12,61s / 100m
WOMEN: Jarmila Kratochvílová 14,16s / 100m

1 500m (15 x 100m):
MEN: Hicham El Guerrouj 13.73s / 100m
WOMEN: Genzebe Dibaba 15.34s / 100m

5,000m (50x100m):
MEN: Kenenisa Bekele 15.15s / 100m
WOMEN: Tirunesh Dibaba 17.02sec / 100m

10,000m (100x100m):
MEN: Kenenisa Bekele 15.78s / 100m
WOMEN: Almaz Ayana 17,57s / 100m

Marathon (421.95 x 100m):
MEN: Dennis Kipruto Kimetto 17.48s / 100m
WOMEN: Mary Jepkosgei Keitany 19.48s / 100m

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