Fake Researcher, Dr. Fikre Tolossa, exposed on public TV

On Book: ‘The True origin of the Oromo and Amhara’, by Fikre Tolossa.  አቤት ውርደት!!

የውሸት የምሁርነት ካባ እየደረቡ የሚያጭበረብሩትን እንዲህ በግልጽ መንገር ተገቢ ነው።  Via Girma Gutema

Read more: Book Review: Fikre T. Jigsa, ‘The True origin of the Oromo and Amhara’

Excerpt from the above book review:  The central idea of the book is that the Oromo and Amhara originated from a common ancestor, Dashat/ Daset, who lived in Gojjam in antiquity (pp.68, 139).  Ironically at the bottom of this idea is the  Oromo belief that “moisture is the source of life.”  This basic environmental principle was twisted to assert that the Oromo emerged from water/Indian Ocean etc. Now the Oromo and Amhara were born on an island in Gojjam. Since sections of the Gujii and Boorana claim their origin back to Gojjam and Raayyaa, there is an overlap on both the Oromo and Amhara claims of origin.

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