One Response to OMN: Gaafiif Deebii obbo Leencoo Lataa Waliin. April/13/2017

  1. Negisti April 13, 2017 at 6:57 pm #

    The amounts dieing in Somali , Oromia and so on each day of starvation caused diseases and incidents such as exile , Acute Watery Dairhea (AWD) , land dispute and so on can also be attributed to starvation. More than Three million Amaras died/went missing in the last 20+ years some killed with TPLF’s bullets and some killed due to starvation with their bodies fed to hyenas by TPLF .

    So if you really want to know, more people died of starvation during Woyane’s time compared to people that died of starvation during Mengistu’s time and Hailesselasie’s time added together.

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