Oromo children were burnt alive in Somaliland by Liyu Police

Kan kun hojii nama hin gallakisiifne kamtu nama gallakkisisa?
Abbaa duulaa Gammadaa nama sammuu qabudha.
Gochi suukkaneessan kun Xalayaa hojii gallakkisuu galchuu miti Bosonayyui nama galcha.
Keewwata 39 gaafachuu hin qabnuun hin dalagu. Itoophiyaa akkasitti dhaabitti nu gubdu bittimsuudhaaf miirri ittin tasgabboofnu hin jiru. Itoophiyaa dimokiraatessinee Urkuzoota akka bulguutti yaadan bulchuudhaaf oromoon hin qabsoofne.
Siyaasa saayinsiin deeggarame osoo hin taane siyaasa qabatama hawaasa keenyaa waliin deemun nu utubaa.
Yoo inni siniif hin mijatu ta’e saba ibidda keessatti ittisuurra callisuun qabsoo gumaacha qaba.
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3 Responses to Oromo children were burnt alive in Somaliland by Liyu Police

  1. whitestar October 8, 2017 at 12:34 pm #

    Dear ayyaantuu

    For your information, the liyyuu police don’t operate in somaliland and this incident was unfortunate accidental house fire, the mother locked her children in the house alone and went for work.

    Don’t print news that is not based on facts and please don’t be a tool for dividing the two brotherly nations of oromo and somali because it will only escalate the hostility.

    Oromo politician and activist should not be tempted to further escalate the situation because we are neighbors after all and we all need each other. but unfortunately we are hearing provocative and hateful language from them. Oromo get your priorities right.

    • Falmata October 9, 2017 at 8:46 pm #

      Dear reader, Whitestar,

      Ayyaantuu has been voicing all & any kind of atrocities against the voiceless Oromo people wherever these atrocities occur.

      Accordingly, this news is based on the information from the parents of the children who are claiming that it is a deliberate act by their neighbor. Hence, our duty is to make public such heinous crimes against humanity regardless of whoever (neighbor, brother/sister or other) committed them. For your information, Oromo have set their priorities long time ago. That is why they are being killed & evicted by TPLF and their agents like Liyyu Police day in and day out.

  2. Sibro October 8, 2017 at 6:07 pm #

    Price for everything is rising high mothers not knowing how to feed their children even in a time of rain. In addition to that mothers get raped and their food get stolen by the soldiers who get almost everything they need for free by looting . Maybe in Tigrai price for bread did not rise besides that price for everything is rising fast in other parts of the country. The reason why bread is still cheap or close to free in Tigrai is each TPLF soldier gets eight breads a day for free paid by the federal government supplied by the Sebhat Nega’s bread supplying business. Most of the soldiers only eat half of the 8 breads meaning they eat 4 breads a day and sell/giveaway the leftover other half ( four breads ) for whoever they choose . one soldier can spare 4 breads a day to whoever of his/her choosing. 85% of all Ethiopian soldiers are based in Tigray fearing Shabiya or Ginbot7 will attack Tigrai.

    Most street illegal drug dealers and most illegal street drug users are concentrating on Khat sales and khat consumption in Ethiopia especially after Gishen Pharmacy got shut down by the authorities last month driving demands for khat to become highly uncontrollable. The price for medicine rose up more than anythingelse in the last month and is still climbing up fast especially after the shutting down of Gishen Pharmacy branch. Gishen Pharmacy branch got shut down by authorities for selling medicines without prescriptions in Addis Ababa creating a panic in the illegal drug trade in Ethiopia. All Pharmacies are demanding prescriptions since then , leaving the drug addicts to numb their addictions by khat only. . The Guardian journalists only reported what they bought from Gishen Pharmacy but the truth is most pharmacies in Ethiopia were selling numerous drugs without prescriptions throughout their street with their woyane corrupt dealers. Nowadays everything is being sold with prescription since Gishen pharmacy got caught and got shut down in beginning of Spetember , 2017 that is why the price and demand for khat is skyrocketting fast woyane drug dealers concentrating on khat only. . Just few days ago we heard በአዳማ ከተማ የጫት ሽያጭ ዙሪያ የተነሣ ግጭት ወደ ጎሣ ትርምስ ከመጋጋሉ በፊት በወረዳ 2 ፖሊስ በረደ፡፡ which was initiated by the woyane drug dealers that were selling drugs to tourists , rich woyanes and so on by leaving the sick to die for lack of medications since the price is high and Non profit health providers get robbed by these Woyane drug dealers as well leaving their stocks empty leaving the needy without help.



    Gishen got shut down for selling medicines without prescriptions to journalists what they were selling by their street drug dealers is not proven by the authorities yet. Most pharmacies including Gishen Pharmacy are responsible for being the main culprit behind for the drug addiction and overdose suicide epidemic in Ethiopia. The addiction of pills, pain killers was spread heavily by pharmacies everywhere creating a network of drug dealers selling street drugs to the public .
    Authority shuts down Gishen Pharmacy’s famous branch.
    Since the shutting down of Gishen pharmacy price of medications is rising up fast like never before,since most pharmacies are demanding prescription now fearing being shut down like Gishen Pharmacy.

    Before Gishen Pharmacy got shut down medications were available in a lower price on the street to anyone , not anymore.The Gishen pharmacy in Addis Ababa, located metres away from the national stadium, sold nine vials of EPO to two different journalists within 26 minutes while the national athletics championships were taking place over the road. One pharmacist also admitted to having previously sold EPO to athletes.




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