Fighting intensifies in the streets of Yemen’s Aden

Houthi rebels battle for southern port city as Saudi-led coalition drops aid to forces backing President Hadi (Aljazeera) — Rebels have engaged in intense street battles with forces loyal to President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi in Yemen’s southern port city of Aden. The UN Security Council is set to meet on Saturday to discuss a Russian proposal […]

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OPDO 25th Anniversary Celebration in Finfinnee

Boycotting the secretive 25th Anniversary plan of OPDO

(Oromo Community in Sweden) OPDO – the TPLF creation in Tigray out of POW’s amongst Dergue’s soldiers have been ordered by their masters to claim the Oromo area of Darraa as their place of foundation until this year, 2015. This year, they are once again ordered by their masters to shift their place of birth […]

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Ethiopian embassy in Yemen shelled

Aprile 3, 2015 (World Bulletin) — “Our investigations show that this was not a deliberate attack,” ministry spokesperson Tewolde Mulugeta told The Anadolu Agency. The Ethiopian embassy in Yemeni capital Sanaa was shelled on Friday, the Foreign Ministry has said. “We believe it is a collateral damage occurred in the crossfire between the warring factions […]

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Empowring Macha Tulama

Objective To empower Macha Tulama Cooperative & Development Association (MTA) so that the organization can achieve its mission. Mission The mission of MTA is to advocate for sustainable cultural and socioeconomic development in Oromo society with a focus on rebuilding indigenous national institutions based on Oromo democratic tradition and values such as the Gadaa system. […]

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ኣቶ ኣባይ ፀሃዬና ወያኔዎች ሆይ! በዋልታ ሃሰት ፋብሪካ ኣማካኝነት ኣዲስ ፈብርካችሁ ለማሰራጨት ያሰባችሁት የማስተባበያ ድራማ የኦሮሞን ህዝብ ልብ ሊገዛላችሁ ኣይችልም!

(ቦሩ በራቃ) | Ebla 3, 2015 ለራስዎም በወጉ መመከር የነበረብዎት የ‘ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትሩ’ ‘ኣማካሪ’ ኣቶ ኣባይ ፀሃዬ ሆይ! የፍንፍኔን ማስተር ፕላን ተግባራዊነት ኣጉዋተቱ ባሉዋቸው የኦሮሞ ህዝብ ወገኖች ላይ ያቺን ኣነጋጋሪዋን ‘ልክ እናስገባለን’ ቃልዎትን ከሰነዘሩ እነሆ 50 ቀን ገደማ ሆነው። 50 ቀን ማለት ባለስልጣናት ነን ለሚሉት እንደርሶ ላሉ ‘የኣገር መሪዎች’ ቃል ማረሚያ ኣንደ 50 ኣመት የሚቆጠር ረጅም […]

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SEENAA Y.G (2005) —kutaa 2 ffaa | Ebla 2, 2015 Barru har’atti odoo hin ceenee , Barruu kiyya kutaa 1ffaa ilaalchisee Namni tokko yaada dhuunfaatti naa katabeen kan naaf qoode dubbiftootaaf dhiheessuun barbaada. Namni kun yaada dabalataa kanatti aanu naaf gumaachee jira. Akkas jedhe/jedhan, hiikkaa “HAYYUU” jedhuuf keesse kun dhugaadha. Waan itti idaate tokkollee hin […]

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Nigerian Democratic Success and its Regional Implication

By Kassim Sheimo | April 1, 2015 Much anticipated and very contested democratic process in Nigeria has resulted its fruition by bringing General Muhammadu Buhari, the former military officer as the winner of the Nigerian election. Mr. Jonathan conceded his defeat and congratulated the newly elected president Buhari. This is the first time in history […]

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March 31, 2015, WASHINGTON DC (VOA Afaan Oromoo) — Itti aanaa dura ta’aa paartii mormituu Warraaqsa Federaalistii Dimokraatawaa Oromoo kan turan Obbo Baqqalaa Garbaa hidhaa waggaa sadii fi baatii torbaa booda kaleessa Bitooteessa 30 bara 2015 hiikamanii jiran. Himannaan shoroorkeessummaa irratti dhiyaatEe murtiin hidhaa waggaa saddeetiI eega irratti muramee booda ol-iyyannaa dhiyeeeffatanii turaniin gara hidhaa […]

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“Ethiopian Government Must Stop Instigating Ethnic Cleansing Conflicts and Killings of Indigenous People through Resettling Refugees and Establishment of Many Military Camps for Rebels throughout the Gambella Region”

Press Release 26th March 2015 GNUM Condemns the New TPLF government’s Systematic Military Operation against the Indigenous Nilotic-Omotic Peoples of South Western Regions of Ethiopia. The New military operation plan known as “Black Revolution” is deadly secretive and very systematic in its practice, and aims at systematic elimination of total existence of the indigenous black […]

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Transparency and Accountability Should Be The Hallmark of Any Oromo Nonprofits Organizations: Has MWMF Surpassed Such Threshold?

BY THE EDITORIAL BOARD OF OromoTV.com | March 25, 2015 Here is a challenge, stop for a second and think about how many times Oromo organizations irrelevant of their goal have asked for funding through donations. Whether we reside in Minneapolis, Washington DC, Seattle, Atlanta, Toronto, Melbourne, London or Oslo, wherever a concentrated Oromo community […]

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Trovicor brochure


By Claire Lauterbach 25 March 2015 (Privacy International) — German surveillance technology company Trovicor played a central role in expanding the Ethiopian government’s communications surveillancecapacities, according to a joint investigation by Privacy International and netzpolitik.org. The company, formerly part of Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN), provided equipment to Ethiopia’s National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) in 2011 […]

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